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Someone Would Rather Burn My Son’s School Than Let Jews and Arabs Coexist – National – Israel News – Haaretz Israeli News Source


Opinion Article from Ha’Aretz on Women Rabbis

I wish the title didn’t mean so much, but since it does, how do we work with it, not against it?

Women Orthodox Rabbis

TCJewfolk Article about the Protest at UMN Law School

So proud of my friend for writing this.  We may not always agree on political stances, but I agree with this:

A big part of me wants to just ignore this protest, because in a sense, just by discussing it, these people win. But it must be said unequivocally: these people are the new form of anti-Semites: otherwise decent people masquerading as crusaders for justice.

Protest at UMN Law School

University of Minnesota – Israeli Lecturer Protest

I am embarrassed by the behavior of some of the students of my alma mater. Moshe Halbertal was not even speaking about Israeli politics, but discussing civilians and asymmetric warfare. It is imperative that all peoples are not ignorant, but are aware of the facts. It seems to me that the SJP was not interested in the actual topic of conversation, but merely the fact that this man has connections to Israel. This is one of those scenarios where I worry that anti-Zionism crosses into anti-Semitism in a very real sense.

Washington Post Article

At World Zionist Congress, Reform stakes its claim in Israel’s future | The Times of Israel

Beliefs of a Progressive

A wonderful glimpse into progressive Judaism by a Reform Rabbi!

Beliefs of a Progressive

“Why I am a Jew”

An incredible video with an amazing message by an inspiring Rabbi.

Why I am a Jew – full article

Why is the world ignoring a wave of terror in Israel? – Telegraph

There are no sirens before a stabbing | Sarah Tuttle-Singer | The Blogs | The Times of Israel

Important read. Scary and upsetting times.

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