After Rabbi Samuel Stahl heard my High Holy Day sermon on Rosh Hashanah 2015/5776, he told me that he had a prayer he wanted me to read. Today, on Sukkot, he handed me that prayer.  He had decided to change it a little bit so that it was really for me.  The first paragraph is his adaptation and the rest is the prayer that he found for me.

This is one of the most powerful gifts I have ever received.

Prayer in Time of Anger

I am angry about my father’s death;
angry that his body was imperfect, angry that it
imposed certain limitations,
angry that it sets me apart from people who are blessed with
two living parents.

Sometimes I even feel angry at You, God.
Why did You allow this misery to
come to me in the first place? (Or did

Understand my need to express rage.
Be patient while I rid myself of this wrath.
Be forgiving
while I learn to let go of feeling angry at You.

Lead me to peace.
Grant me the assurance of Your unfailing protection and
Your everlasting love.